Accessory Cell Phone - LG G5 Impressions

First Impressions With the LG G5

After meeting the new LG G5 the other day, the word “ballsy” kept popping into my head and I think that’s for a good reason. LG is a company that knows how to make a good flagship smartphone but ever since the LG G2, the…

Accessory Cell Phone - Asus Z170C Review

A great tablet for less than $100 – ASUS Z170C

I recently came across another another review which had high praises for this android tablet under $100. That price is just crazy to me. Every year it seems like these tablets are dropping in price more and more. So let’s take a look at this…

Is The Google Nexus 6P the Best Phone of 2016?

It’s Nexus Time. This year we have two phones, but this one is the big one. It’s the Nexus 6P. The 6P is Google’s new top-tier Android phone. It’s the first one made by a Chinese phone manufacturer, Huawei. The 6P is the big one….