First Impressions With the LG G5

Accessory Cell Phone - LG G5 Impressions

After meeting the new LG G5 the other day, the word “ballsy” kept popping into my head and I think that’s for a good reason. LG is a company that knows how to make a good flagship smartphone but ever since the LG G2, the G series has been seriously one of the greatest smartphone lines out there and this time around with the G5, LG decided, you know what, let’s take this to the next level and let’s go modular.

But before we get to that let’s run through the basics, it’s a very attractive phone in person and it’s also slightly smaller than what we have with the G4 thanks in large part to the 5.3″ quantum IPS LCD display now LG is still about accuracy over color saturation so you’re gonna get really crisp but not overly vivid colors here it’s really a pleasure to look at.

There’s an 8-megapixel for selfies just above that display in that’s also where the glass curves away from you it’s the opposite of the curve that you’d see in the G-flex 2 where they would come at you this sort of falls away from your face which is actually very attractive.

Accessory Cell Phone - LG G5 Impressions

Turn the thing over and you’ll notice a couple of interesting things for one, there isn’t a whole lot going on there in terms of design. If you start contrasting the G4 which had either a sort of hammered metal pattern or leathered back, the G5 has a completely metal in this case aluminum body with no seams no antenna seams that gets you on the iPhone or the HTC 1A9. So instead of just having why the camera here we’ve got two: one is a pretty 16-megapixel sensor the other, is slightly more fascinating it is an 8-megapixel sensor with a 135 degree wide angle lens.

So let’s build the camera that can sort of give us what we’re actually seeing. I can probably guess why you’re here though and it’s not to hear about all of the stuff that makes the LG G5 like every other smartphone; the big draw however is its modularity.  There’s a tiny button at the edge of the device and once you press that the bottom of the phone and the battery pop right out.

From there you can swap at a couple different modules LG has been showing off to you.  One of which the Hi-fi plus is a DAC that allows audio for us to listen upscale 32-bit audio which is not a thing most of us will ever need, but I guess it’s nice to have the option the other more immediately useful one is what LG calls the cam plus. It’s basically a chunky battery grip that snaps into the bottom of the device you just need something to hold on to and also a few extra controls so you have a physical shutter buttons with two stages for focusing and also more important a jog dial for zooming. The LG G5 has a hybrid zoom that combines optical and digital zooms to sort of get you in and out of there without much fuss.

Accessory Cell Phone - LG G5 Impressions

Turns out the beauty of that particular module is it also has an extra 1200 milliamp battery in there bringing you total capacity to 4000 milliamp that’s pretty insane for a smartphone, and that’ll give you about an extra 68 hours of photo and video shooting it’s too bad though there’s no tiny internal battery inside the G5 to keep the phone running wire slopping module.

It’s incredibly well-built, it’s incredibly fast and fluent thanks in large part to the fact that LG is streamline, it’s software approach over the years and it frankly promises stuff that no other smartphone out there right now is able to do. It is one of the most ambitious we’ve seen in a long time LG saw a gap, they saw a phone that they wanted to go that didn’t exist in the world so they made it happen. This thing is a blast to play with; we’ll bring you much more as soon as we can.

However, if you are already convinced, it can be picked up today on Amazon for less than $600!

Accessory Cell Phone - LG G5 Impressions

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