A great tablet for less than $100 – ASUS Z170C

I recently came across another another review which had high praises for this android tablet under $100. That price is just crazy to me. Every year it seems like these tablets are dropping in price more and more.

So let’s take a look at this value tablet; the first thing that really stands out is just how slim and sleek it is.  It’s incredibly stylish looking with a textured back; it’s also really easy to hold in the palm of your hand.

With Micro USB charge in, a camera at the back and a camera at the front, it really does have everything you need.  As you can see, this comes in not just black but three other colors are also available: Red, White, and Metallic, so you can choose the color that suits your personality.

Accessory Cell Phone - Asus Z170C Review

The Asus Z170C comes with the latest android operating system, 5.0, meaning it will work seamlessly with your other android devices such is your smartphone, smartwatch, or your other tablets. It also has Wi-Fi compatibility so you can connect to the internet with these and the micro SD card slot means you can expand its memory from 16G up to 128G with a micro SD card.

The battery life on the Asus Z170C is 9 hours, which is pretty standard for a 7-inch tablet, but what you do have is the flexibility when charging. With the USB, it’s a micro USB cable, you can charge your device from your PC.  So as I’ve said this 7-inch tablet is really packed for the features and its slim light-weight design makes it the perfect travel companion.

But what really stands this out from the crowd is the price, it is incredibly affordable at under a hundred dollars! You really do get a lot of tablet for your money.

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